Trust and Safety

Our Backer Promise

Trust and Safety is paramount to a successful campaign, which is why all projects that are entered onto the LEOcrowd platform are thoroughly screened. We also have advanced Fraud Detection in place to ensure that nothing untoward happens on our site. We believe that the community of backers is what keeps our global community going, and so we work hard to protect your investments and your trust. For more info on what goes and what doesn't, please check out our Terms Of Use.

Help Us Keep it Clean

If you notice anything unusual on the site, or have a suspicion about a project not being quite above board then please do get in touch with our team via Email, or through the “tell us about it” button at the bottom of each campaign.

Our SWAT Team

LEOcrowd has a crack team of experts on hand who review the data, monitor and screen projects and work around the clock to protect our customers data and review feedback. They are here to support you and will take any appropriate action to protect our platform and our community.


Back It Up

Every project here is a little slice of creative genius. This isn’t mass-produced product, but personal projects created and curated with love and entrepreneurial spirit. This means that not every project will go according to plan, sometimes they run into difficulties and speed bumps along the way, while others will go along without a hitch and run smoothly from start to finish. There is a small risk involved for the backer, so when you’re picking out the project that you want to support, back it it up with the knowledge that things may not always work out as planned.

Then, even with a creator's best efforts, sometimes things don’t work out as planned, so nothing here is 100% guaranteed. Keep this in mind when backing your chosen project; we suggest doing a little research first before you invest. Explore the Project Page thoroughly, read reviews and comments, check out their websites, and read up on what they’re up to outside of this. If you’re not sure about it all, drop us a line.

Creative Geniuses

We know you’re here to show the world your passions and projects, and we salute you! We are here to support you, so read through the Creator’s Handbook before you get going. Keep yourself open to everything and let people know what you’re about, what you’re up to and what you are here to accomplish. You’re building a tribe and asking strangers to join you on your visionary journey, which is a lot easier to do when they know more about you and can feel as though they can trust you.

Answer questions, say thank you at every opportunity, and most importantly, BE HONEST. The more of yourself you show, the greater the level of trust is developed. Give people a real look into who you are, what your project is about, and why they should be a part of it. Be clear about the challenges and risks, and don’t sugarcoat anything - you don’t want to end up with unhappy buyers and backers, you want to create lifelong supports and customers.

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Support team.


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