Rework Chairs Into Exhibition Artworks

I am photo realistic biro artist: For my biggest solo exhibition to date, I aim to reupholster old chairs with my unique artwork and use them as the central piece for the show. The chairs will be exhibited, publicised, and for sale.


About me

My name is James Mylne. I am a professional contemporary artist based in London. I’m known for my photo-realistic drawings created in ballpoint pen (see video showreel above), but as every ambitious artist needs to do I am slowly expanding into new & exciting areas of artistic expression.


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I want to do

I am booked in with a London gallery (Westbank Gallery, Ladbroke Grove, image of main space below) for the biggest public solo exhibition of my career yet, on the 22nd September 2016. It’s titled “Grandly Grimey”.


Click here for more information on the exhibition.



The theme of “Grandly Grimey” is to bring old styled artworks and ideas of classical beauty into the modern urban world. Most of my artworks I am creating are 2D works on paper & canvas. I however aim to create one stand out installation type artwork that is focused on a pair of old chairs that I have already acquired (see photo below). I aim to bring new life into these old chairs, transforming them into a unique pair of artworks that will be at the centre of the show. 



This will be done by using professional screen printers to print my unique artwork/design onto quality fabric that will then be used to reupholster the old chairs as well as repainting them and further customising them with paints and markers. The process of bringing new life into the classic old chairs through the artistic recontextualisation personifies the idea behind the exhibition.


The chairs will naturally retain their functionality and be for sale.


Why do I need your support

The exhibition demands I create artwork for 7 months (I started work a couple months back) without selling any of the work until the show opens. This requires very serious budgeting for living expenses during this time & I can’t afford this endeavour alone. With your help I can make this idea a reality, increasing the level of artwork I can put on show, impressing not only potential buyers and critics but also perhaps catching the attention of the media, raising my artistic public profile.

The £1200 pays for quality fabric to be sourced. My artwork & designs professionally screen printed onto the fabric. For the fabric to be professionally reupholstered onto both chairs as well as re painted.


I promise and rewards

promise to update any donators with news on the progress of the artwork creation and an invitation to the opening of the exhibition (22/09/2016).

£15 - a pair of postcards of my artwork, signed.

£35 - a pair of small prints signed.

£100 - A limited edition Giclee print artwork worth £125, signed & numbered, with free shipping.

£210 - Select 1 from 3 limited edition Giclee prints worth £250, signed & numbered, with free shipping.

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A Pair of postcards of my artwork, signed, & with thank you message on back, sent free.

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Pair of matching A5 size prints from my Vintage Vogue artworks series, signed.




Limited edition Giclee print worth £125, numbered & signed, + postcards, free shipping.




Choice from 3 large, limited edition Giclee prints worth £250, signed & numbered + postcards, free shipping.

About mylnie
James Mylne
London,England,United Kingdom


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