Teatwyne, A Social Enterprise Tea

Drink Tea and Make A Difference... We promise to give 20% of all Sales to Charity.

My   name is David Hopkins, creator of TeaTwyne.


TeaTwyne is a beautifully decorated box of 20 assorted flavoured teas in which 20% of the sale goes direct to various charities

We offer a range of different flavour teas and infusions, as well as coffees such as Lattes, Mochas and Cappuccinos.   These boxes will be based on honesty and will be placed in offices and places of work in Telford and Shropshire. 


Why This Is So Important To Me:

After years of taking a back seat from employment to become my wife’s caregiver, I decided to take my entrepreneurial spirit and bring my dreams to life.   My wife suffers with Cystic Fibrosis causing her to have  long periods of pain and sickness.

I want to do something special and develop this business selling my flavoured teas, but at the same time give back.  I want to be known as a company that helps the community and I  want to work with quite a few charities to establish working partnerships, so that I can become a backer for these charities.

Charities I intend to help are:

  •  Cystic Fibrosis: A Chronic lifelong illness of the lungs
  •  Age Uk: Helping the elderly and their carers
  •  Mind: Helping people with mental health issues.
  •  Newlife Foundation: Helps disabled and very ill children
  •  Cancer Research: Finding new breakthroughs to help fight cancer

My desire to help others, help people less fortunate than me  and to do this business and project, have all come from my recent life experiences.



About Me:

I myself have suffered having Aspergers, as well as overcoming other adversity.   I tragically lost my Dad to Lung  Cancer a few years ago.   I had to give up work to help my Mum, as she was really struggling too. 

My Mum started deteriorating, becoming severely depressed and isolated and I was scared of leaving her alone.    She wouldn't eat  and just wanted to be with my Dad;  she had completely 'Shut down'.

After all the years of struggling, I now want to give back, just as so many people have given to me.   I couldn’t have done it without the support of the charities and Racheal.   Just having people believe in me has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams, to build a business that is aimed at doing good in the world and to help other people get through their dark days.


Why I Need Your Help!

I need your help to do the following:

  • Buy start-up stock
  • Decorative boxes
  • Market and  advertise myself
  • Attend networking events

I offer a wide range of teas: Mint Selections (Buttermint, Peppermint etc), Strawberry & Raspberry, Apple & Mango, St Clements, Liquorice teas, Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Ginger selections and more. Green teas, Flavoured Green teas, like Pineapple and Peppermint and more, Black and White tea, Assam, Thai Chai lattes, Hot chocolate sachet (Mint, Orange, Turkish Delight) and sachets of Lattes, Mocha, Cappuccino  and many more!

Each box will have a random selection of 20 sachets of teas or coffee in them and I  will distribute a box  every Friday afternoon, collect and replenish the following Friday afternoon and collect the money.  £4 from every box will go to charity, which works out at  £16 per client per month going to charity.

I know that with your help I can make my dream come true and give back to the charities that have played such an important part in my life.


How You Can Help:

Please back my project by selecting which reward you want:

  • £10: A thank you for believing in my project  and entry into a draw to win a Luxury Afternoon Tea Hamper (worth £35) and an assortment of my teas and coffees.
  • £20: A thank you for believing in my project, prize draw entry for a tea hamper,  a pack of flavoured teas  or normal tea or box of Latte, Mocha or Cappuccino (these are worth £2.69 - £3.99 each).
  • £25: A Thank you  message on my page, prize draw for a tea hamper and a box of flavoured teas of your choice.
  • £50: A thank you for believing in me, 2 prize draw entries for a tea hamper  and 2 boxes of flavoured teas of your choice and a personal message on my page.


Your help is very much appreciated! 
Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my project  and thanks once again.    Any donation is warmly appreciated.



Project Background

For the last 3 years, i have worked for Age UK, in a Voluntary role, helping elderly people, in local Age UK groups. I have found this incredibly rewarding, and everyday i feel valued, and appreciated, something which i didnt get previously working in Factories. Before this i was working in Factories, in Temporary agency jobs, from one place to another, most notably at Epson, on several Temp contracts, over a period of 5 years. Unfortunately i didnt manage to gain permanent employment, and i was always stuck in temp jobs, with no security. I tragically lost my dad to lung cancer, a few years ago, and before he died, i had to give up work, to help my mum look after him. Then the aftermath was devastating, also having to look after my mum, as she was understandably depressed, but she was 'Shutting down', it felt like i was losing my mum and dad. A year later, I met my now Wife, who has Cystic Fibrosis, and i started to feel a little happier again, i then undertook a Book-Keeping Course at my local college, and passed, but was unsuccessfull in gaining employment, due to lack of experience. I have since been in and out of work, in temporary jobs, whilst also looking after my Wife, when she is ill, and cant do much. She has to also have regular lengthly stays in hospital, and cant work, because of her illness either, so life is a constant struggle. However i also took a Business Enterprise Course, through the Princes Trust, as i sought a new route. As i have worked for Age UK, helped my Dad, my Wife, my brother who has Autism too, i just want to help people. I therefore decided to start my own business, that 'gives back' and i sell tea, as it an ever popular product, we are a nation of tea drinkers. I am now just in the process of trying to develop this business.

Why do I need your support

Because i am a Social Enterprise, i exist to help other people, who face adversity and to tackle social problems. It is my dream to run my own successfull business, that 'gives back' and helps society, and helps improve other peoples lifes. I sell different flavoured teas and infusions, as well as Coffee's, and Hot Chocolates, in packaged bags, and i provide these for officesma nd places of work. Peopl love their tea, and a nice hot drink, and i offer a wide range of flavours, and people can have a drinkl, knowing that they are benefiting a great cause. I want to do this, despite suffering from my own adversity over the years, andmy inspiration all comes from working with Age UK, and my life expereinces. For e,g seeing my wife , struggle with Cystic Fibrosis, mY brother in law struggle with Autism, with little help, and people being ill. My aims and goals are to help other people, and improve their lifes, so i couldnt go back into factory work now, as this just dosent realise my goals, and i feel 'wasted' there, whilst i can help society. I also feel incredibly valued by the people that i help,a nd i never felt valued working in a factory. I have struggled with unemployment too, and my Wife, with her CF, cant work either, so life is a constant struggle. I just want to make a better life for me, my Wife, my Brother-in-Law and other people facing adversity in life. If i can help a person with a mental health difficulty, get the support they need, a CF'er to find a drug which helps to breathe better, a sick child, to have a 'special day' and put a smile on their face, then this will make me very happy indeed. The more succcessfull i am, the more, i will raise for these charities, and them more i will be able to do for them.

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A thank you for believing in my project! and entry into a draw to win a Luxury Afternoon Tea Hamper, worth £35, and an assortment of my teas and coffees.

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A thank you for believing in my project! prize draw entry for a tea hamper,promise of a pack of flavoured teas, or normal tea, or box of latte, mocha, or Cappuccino, these are worth £2.69- £3.99 each.

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A Thank you! message on my page, prize draw for a tea hamper and a box of flavoured teas of your choice.

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1 Backers



A thank you for believing in me, 2 prize draw entries for a tea hamper, and 2 boxes of flavoured teas of your choice, and personal message on my page,

Shipping: £2   
About davy84

About Me

Hi there, ! My name is David Hopkins, and I starting a new business called TeaTwyne, which is a Social Enterprise. Based in Telford, Shropshire, I distribute beautifully decorated boxes, and boxes with Charities logos on them, and I sell each teabag for £1. Each box will have 20 assorted teabags in, with a range of different flavour teas, and infusions, as well as coffees like, Latte's, Mocha's and Cappuccino's. These boxes will be based on honesty and will be placed in offices and places of work in Telford and Shropshire, but i can also distribute further afield too. 20 % of all my Sales will go to Charities, and i will 'give back' to society and help improve my community and help people in need. I intend to distribute about 20-30 boxes maybe more, depending upon demand all over my area and beyond.

David Hopkins
Other,Other,United Kingdom


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