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Thank you for checking out my portfolio.  I am very excited to share my project with you and believe that it could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.


What is my project?

  • Are you a business owner or Entrepreneur?
  • Would you like: a Professional Website, Expert Marketing & Quality Design?
  • All at  an amazing discounted price?

My name is Michael Little.  I’m looking to help small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business by implementing advanced website funnels that will maximise their time and profits WITHOUT any of the tech overwhelm or wasting time  by trying to do this themselves.


If you’re anything like me, when I started out in business I was completely lost in tech overwhelm. I knew that the fastest way to success was by creating an Automated Sales Funnel that would bring in new clients without having to spend  my time Networking or Cold Calling.

The only trouble was, I had no idea how to do this!

Over the past 3 years, I have learned all there is to know about Website Automation, E-commerce, Design and Business Process, so that I could help other entrepreneurs get the results that they want without the tech-stress that comes with it.



Who will it benefit?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small businesses
  • Sole Traders

The project is simple.  After running multiple successful marketing funnels for my clients, I am now ready to start upscaling my business and reaching out to a wider audience.

I’ve seen so many people struggling with this exact thing.   However, from evaluating the marketplace and through my own experience,  there doesn’t seem to be a service that helps you implement complete digital strategies.   There are organisations who  only offer to  teach you how to do it yourself,  which takes up more of your time - time you would much rather use to grow your business in other ways or for  spending with your family or friends,  doing the things you love.   The other alternative is to  hire an agency to take over everything,  which is usually too expensive for any entrepreneur or small business.


Why back my project?

  • I want to help  business owners and entrepreneurs implement  a complete digital strategy.
  • I want to help business owners and entrepreneurs  free up their time.
  • I want to help business owners and entrepreneurs  increase their lead generation.
  • I want to help business owners and entrepreneurs increase their sales.




A little about me.


I have been using technology from a very young age and it was always going to play a large part in my life.  I have been running a Website Development and Marketing Agency for the last four years -  prior to this I was a graphic designer with an agency for three years.  This has given me a unique talent in being able to find the perfect balance between these two very different, yet essentially paired skills.   It has enabled me to offer a "whole strategy" approach when evaluating a business's digital strategy and marketing  needs.


I’m also a young Dad to two fantastic children and have an amazing partner.   My family is my driving force and the reason that I do what I do.   I love spending time with them and I know how valuable and precious this time is.  Therefore, by helping others implement their marketing strategy, I will enable them to free up their time to allow them to  do the  things they love to do.


Why am I asking for your help?

By helping me  raise finance, I  can get in  front of the right people, allowing me to offer my expertise and assist businesses to go in the right direction.   Or you could help by putting me in touch with people who would benefit from the rewards   that are on  offer.

Range of rewards for your support (see full description on right):

  • Website Strategy Blueprints
  • 45 Minute Consultation on your website 
  • One month of Technical implementation
  • Professional 5 page fully mobile friendly website.
  • Full E-commerce website build
  • Complete Digital Strategy

Project Background


Why do I need your support


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target: £2,000
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Complete Digital Strategy - Lead Generation Campaign - All technically implemented into your CRM of choice.
(Value - £10,000)




Website Strategy Blueprints - Learn what your website needs to have to increase generated leads and increase customer value.




45 Minute Consultation on your website and making tweaks to increase it's value in your business.
(Value - £125)




One month of Technical implementation in your business.
(Value - £200)




Professional 5 page fully mobile friendly website.
(Value - £1,200)




Full ecommerce website build
(Value - £4,800)

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