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I'm looking for funding help to bring my new brand to life. The brand is based on caricatures of celebrity icons who are now deceased ;)

About me


My name is Craig Tyler: Actor, Singer and Cartoonist.
I have been deeply interested in the arts from a very young age but as yet I have never quite found an outlet that has allowed me to merge my passion and my carreer. Recently, I have been drawing caricatures of deceased celebrities, which have taken shape as my new brand. I've had some amazing feedback from my followers and now believe that it's time to share them with the world.


I have a real passion for creating simple design that have high impact and to be able to immortalise my icons who have been such an inspiration on my own personal life. 


I want to do


I have been working on designs which I have named Deadbrities. I am currently drawing up artwork that I intend to use as t-shirt designs. Each design is a cartoon drawing of a well-known icon that has passed away. Although I initially intend to start with t-shirt designs I would like to branch out by putting these designs on different types of clothing and accessories like hats, dresses and bags for example and eventually even make plush dolls and figurines. The reason I am doing this is because I wish to set up my own business by selling Deadbrities as a brand. I would also like to give some of the proceeds that I make from Deadbrities to the Anthony Nolan charity which is close to my heart.

I'm chasing to give 10% of the profits I make to Anthony Nolan charity because of a number of reasons. One being my sister in law has recently received life saving treatment from this charity. Anthony Nolan were amazing throughout the treatment and supported her through all of her dark days. I have to think where we'd be right now if it was not for them.

Also in recent times I lost a close friend to leukaemia. Which as i'm sure you can image was a very hard time for the loved ones he left behind.

Promoting the Deadbrities will be an amazing opportunity for me to do my part and help this great cause! 


Why do I need your support

I would love to have you support me on this project, as I truly believe that by having such a small amount of investment, I can get my business off the ground which will enable me to start living my dreams.

The money will go on:

  • Website (Shopify E-commerce Site: £500)
  • Turn sketches into High quality designs ready for printing onto the T-Shirts £100) - 10 T-shirt printed, which shall be used for promotional images (£60)
  • Promotional Photoshoot (£100)
  • Marketing / Advertising (£1000)

I would be eternally thankful for your support! :) 


I promise and rewards

  • £10 (no limit) - Downloadable poster (PDF)
  • £20 (no limit) - Downloadable signed poster (PDF)
  • £100 (10) - All of the above plus: Printed with a caricature of your choice £500 (3) - One of the Original sketches, personally signed by myself 

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target: £2,000
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Downloadable poster (PDF)

5 Backers



Downloadable signed poster (PDF)

5 Backers



All of the above plus: T-shirt printed with a caricature of your choice




All of the above, Plus one of the Original sketches, personally signed by myself.

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