A-meri' Natural Herbal Dental Powder 牙泰宝天然草本牙粉

I want to share a wonderful natural herbal dental powder 'A-meri Natural Herbal Dental Powder' without nasty, harsh chemicals with you. A revolution to your daily dental care regime. 想和大家分享美国牙泰宝天然草本牙粉!

My name is Sam Wong, and I have a company in Canada, Medlinkage Medical Inc. We are passionate about great health related products.  I believe everybody deserves happy and healthy lives!

I want to share with you a wonderful natural herbal dental powder, ‘A-meri’ Dental Powder without any harsh, nasty chemicals.   A-meri Dental Powder is a major breakthrough in the history of dental health products for preventing and caring of dental health problems, such as tooth decay, gum diseases, etc.

We need your support to expand our global markets, raise our brand awareness and take our business to the next level!

I hope that A-meri Dental Powder on the LEO crowdfunding platform can get everyone’s support and recommendation so that more families and friends would be able to appreciate the charm of business development by the LEO crowdfunding platform.


我是黃永深 Sam Wong,我加拿大的公司是Medlinkage Medical Inc.,從事醫療產品的銷售。我們公司擁有自己品牌的醫療產品,同時,也是美國海恩集團的"牙泰寶"牙粉的加拿大總代理。牙泰寶是牙科疾病治療與保健史上一大突破性的產品。我希望牙泰寶在LEO 眾籌平臺上能夠得到大家的支持與推薦,讓更多的家人與朋友能夠體會到LEO眾籌平臺的商業發展魅力。


A-meri Natural Herbal Dental Powder牙泰寶天然草本牙粉

FDA registered facility compliant with GMP standard. NO. 97-1-07424.0

Health Canada registered: NPN 80059802

美國食品藥品監督管理局 FDA No: 97-1-07424.0

加拿大天然品 NPN 80059802”

Made in USA美國製造



Whether the teeth are yellow, are sensitive to hot or cold, and gums are swelling and in pain due to periodontitis or tooth decay, A-meri Dental Powder can restore the dental health of these people. In addition, it can prevent the teeth from falling out after a long period of time, stabilize loose teeth, and may enable regrowth of new teeth in the cavities. A-meri Dental Powder can also help remove bad breath and refresh the mouth with a pleasant scent.  Most of all, it is 100% natural herbal dental powder!





A-meri Dental Powder has a variety of effects. It can directly stimulate the gum cells, which is sufficient to suppress the activity of lesions and to regulate genes. These benefits to dental health from using A-meri Dental Powder are effective with short term use, and many people can be cured of their dental problems with no recurrence of symptoms when using it for a long term.





A-meri Dental Powder has successfully benefitted thousands of people who suffer from dental health problems. The results from the clinical trials greatly impressed the world and A-meri Dental Powder was awarded the International Gold Award in the 1st International United Herbal Conference held in Germany in 2000. This is a great achievement by A-meri Dental Powder in the field of dentistry.

牙泰寶成功治癒了上萬牙疾患者之痛苦。 這一大量臨床實驗成果震撼了全世界!在德國舉辦的第一屆國際性中西醫學大會上,牙泰寶獲得金獎!這是牙泰寶在口腔牙齒醫學領域內取得的巨大成果。


DIRECTIONS OF USE:                                                                                                                                                        

After normal brushing of teeth, apply a layer of A-meri Dental Powder entirely over the bristles of a damp toothbrush by lightly dipping the toothbrush into the powder. Brush thoroughly in a circular motion for 3 minutes, then rinse. Use A-meri Dental Powder after breakfast and dinner. Use of A-meri Dental Powder is free of harsh, nasty chemicals, irritation free, toxicity free, and free of side effects.





牙泰寶採用珍貴植物強力配方,含有沉香, 麝香,細辛,蒿本,藿香葉, 甘松。


100% natural herbal blends



Do not swallow. Drink plenty of water if swallowed. Do not use if pregnant or under 6 years of age. Keep reach out of children.



STORAGE:  Store in a cool, dry place



NET WT 30g


A real case to share:

70 year old Mr. Li of Australia had severely loose upper and lower teeth, gum recession, tartar, and could only consume liquid foods. The doctor had recommended him to replace all his teeth with dentures. Mr. Li bought a jar of A-meri Dental Powder to try in New York when he heard about its miraculous results there. Within one month, his teeth was firmer than before, and encouraged by the results, bought two jars to take back to Australia to use. Several months later, his teeth regrew stronger and more solid, and even had no problems chewing beef! More surprisingly is that the receding gums slowly recovered and the tartar gradually disappeared without dental scaling.


澳洲的林大爺70 歲,上下牙齒鬆動的很厲害,牙齦萎縮,還有牙石,只能吃流質食物。醫生建議全部換上假牙,林大爺在紐約聽說了牙泰寶的神奇療效,試著買了一瓶。一個月內,牙齒比以前牢固了一些,倍受鼓舞的老林又買了2 瓶, 帶回澳洲慢慢用,幾個月後,他的牙齒長結實了,還能嚼牛肉了!更驚奇的是,萎縮的牙床也在慢慢恢復,沒有去做過洗牙,牙石也消失了。


This product is open to the United States, Canada, and China only.



Rewards I promise

A-meri Dental Powder AAA牙泰寶普通裝

A-meri Dental Powder AAA (Regular)

Each jar lasts 2.5-3 months. From customers’ experience, you can see a significant improvement after using 3 jars.




Original price USD 99.99 each, to thank you for your support, we are offering a special crowdfunding introductory price £50GBP each and free shipping. (Packing and Postage included)

To the USA, Canada, and China only.

Pledge £50GBP, get 1 jar of A-meri Dental Powder AAA (Regular) and free shipping .

Pledge  £95GBP, get 2 jars of  A-meri Dental Powder AAA (Regular) and free shipping.

Pledge  £135GBP, get 3 jars of  A-meri Dental Powder AAA (Regular) and free shipping.

原價 USD 99.99/瓶,眾籌優惠價 50英鎊 1瓶 包邮费,


支持 £50GBP 英镑, 可以获得1瓶 牙泰寶普通裝 AAA 包邮费

支持 £95GBP 英镑, 可以获得2瓶 牙泰寶普通裝 AAA 包邮费

支持 £135GBP 英镑, 可以获得3瓶 牙泰寶普通裝 AAA 免邮费




A-meri Dental Powder concentrated AAAAA牙泰寶精品裝

A-meri Dental Powder concentrated AAAAA

More concentrated, more effective – new generation of the A-meri Dental Powder product


Each jar lasts 3 months. From customers’ experience, you can expect significant improvement after using 1 bottle.


Original Price USD 289.99 each, to thank you for your support, we are offering a special crowdfunding introductory price £122 GBP each and Free shipping

It is only available to USA, Canada, and China.

*超濃縮 超療效 療程更短 新一代牙泰寶精品



原價 USD 289.99/瓶,眾籌優惠價 122 英鎊 1瓶。

美國,加拿大和中國地區 免郵費


Shipping Time & Details:

Once the project fundraising phase for A-meri Dental is completed, express shipping will be arranged within five days after all the funds raised are received from LEOcrowd. Express shipping time is approximately two weeks. 




Why we need your support

We need your support to bring this wonderful natural dental care product to more people, offering a healthy alternative to your daily dental care regime. If it does a job for you, please share it with your family and friends too!

After we got the funds, we will send you the rewards promised as soon as possible and put your funds into our marketing and PR campaigns so that more and more people can benefit from this wonderful natural dental care product.  Again,Thank you sincerely for your support!  Hope you enjoy A-meri dental powder as much as we do! 




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1 bottle of A-meri dental powder AAA and free shipping, available to the USA, Canada and China only
1 瓶牙泰宝天然牙粉AAA,免邮费, 针对美国,加拿大和中国市场开放

Free shipping   

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2 Bottles of A-meri dental powder AAA and free shipping, avaialbe to the USA, Canada and China only.

2 瓶牙泰宝天然牙粉AAA,免邮费,针对美国,加拿大和中国市场开放

Free shipping   




3 bottles of A-meri dental powder AAA and free shipping, available to the USA, Canada and China only.


Free shipping   

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1 Bottle of concentrated A-meri dental powder AAAAA and free shipping, available to the USA, Canada and China only.

1瓶精品装浓缩牙泰宝天然牙粉AAAAA,免邮费, 针对美国,加拿大和中国市场开放

Free shipping   
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