Putian loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) paste 莆田枇杷膏

I want to share one of the best natural elixir Mother Nature offers to us-- loquat paste 希望和大家分享最好,最天然的养生保健食品--莆田枇杷膏,帮您清肺润嗓,化痰止咳,美容养颜。在污染严重的今天,您更加需要它!


I come from Putian, Fujian Huasheng Fruit Factory. The fruit Factory was established in June 1991, the company is located in rich fertile land for loquat. We benefit from the unique geographical location; strict and scientific management is our approach and rigorous food quality and safety is our principle, we need a larger platform to flourish our business and bring one of the best herbal elixir to you.  I truly believe it’s a win-win deal!






Putian loquat paste is the result of a century’s heritage and refining production, a natural product without any additives.  It helps to detox your lungs, traditionally used in Chinese medicine for cold, cough and digestive and respiratory system problems.  It can effectively protect the human body from smog, acting as the human body "scavenger."  It helps our bodies detox naturally and remain in the youthful state.

Putian loquat paste only uses the finest loquat as raw materials, mainly grown in the book Feng Township Xianyou County, which is one of the largest loquat production base in Fujian Province.  These loquat grew on the mountain tops, free from pollution, 100% natural fruits. Every Loquat we used reflects a healthy unit, well loved by our customers.






Putian loquat paste is a traditional hand-made product, with a lot of health benefits.  Loquat paste is used in Chinese medicine for soothing the throat and is a popular ingredient for cough drops. The leaves, combined with other ingredients and known as pipa paste, it acts as a demulcent and an expectorant, as well as to soothe the digestive and respiratory systems. In Japan, loquat is held to beautify skin and heal inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and to heal chronic respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, etc.

Our Products combine the traditional production methods with modern production process. Product quality has been approved and met the QS certification standards. They are truly good value for money.

Our annual production capacity cannot meet the demand, therefore, the product has a market potential for development. Since loquat fruit is seasonal, to expand production, financing is an important issue that must be addressed.  That’s why we need your support.





支持88元, 我们将以低于市场半价的价格回报您一瓶 莆田枇杷膏。 目前只对中国内陆市场开放。

Loquat fruits are seasonal, after we’ve raised the funds, we will immediately put it into production. After we’ve received the funds and successful completion of the project, we will ship the products within 7 days to thank our backers. The current market price is 168 yuan per box, we offer a nearly half price 88yuan per box to our backers here to thank you for your support!  (Shipping and postage included to backers in mainland China only.)


Support £ 8.8 pounds, we will send you one box of Putian loquat paste with a market value of 17 pounds.   Currently only available to backers in mainland China.




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支持88元, 我们将以低于市场半价的价格回报您一瓶 莆田枇杷膏。 目前只对中国内陆市场开放。
Support £ 8.8 pounds, we will send you one box of Putian loquat paste with a market value of 17 pounds. Currently only available to backers in mainland

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