Meet the Team

Team : Management & Operations

Location - Oxford, UK

This team is focused on performance and delivery. The team handles everything from development to service management, ensuring that what is supposed to happen does happen and when challenges arise to fix them promptly and with minimum fuss.  

Team : IT & Development

Location - Dubai, UAE

Our multi-disciplined tech team are progressive, fast-moving and passionate about what they do. Energized by working to deadlines, they're self-motivated and innovative and are the heart of our business.

Team : Customer Support

Location - Toronto, Canada

The knowledge in all things LEOcrowd, our customer support team are so much more than a help desk. Friendly and dedicated to helping people support the causes or projects they care about, the team answer questions,  offer advice and provide vital interaction with our customers.  

Team : Marketing

Location - Oxford, UK

A small, forward-looking band of marketers with a 'try everything' and 'nothing is impossible' attitude. The team is always thinking about how we can attract new users and keep them coming back, as we take the platform into multiple new markets.

Team : PR & Social Media

Location - Dubai, UAE

The PR & Social Media team bring LEOcrowd to life. they write content and blogs, ensuring our social media outlets have the very latest information.  We want to communicate clearly to our backers and project creators and assist them in achieving what they want from our company.

Team : Finance

Location - Oxford, UK

Just as the world of business evolves so too do methods of payments. Unlike most of our competitors, LEOcrowd gives our customers real choice by accepting payment by credit card, Paypal and Digital Currency. The finance team is therefore integral to the strategic development of LEOcrowd.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work!


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