We bring your ideas to life.

How It Works

Preparation is key; this is where you learn the process and what is really required to be successful.


Everything starts with an idea but crowdfunding can bring an idea to life! Have you a creative or innovative product you want to share with the world?

Have you a new business or social cause you need funds for? If so you have come to the right crowdfunding platform.


Build an awesome crowdfunding pitch by following our easy step by step guide. Your 3 minute ‘pitch to cam’ video will be the most important way to share your story.

Be persuasive and passionate so backers will want to pledge to your project!


This is your prelaunch phase. You have to get the word out to your ‘tribe’ of friends, family and associates that you are launching a crowdfunding campaign.

Take every opportunity to promote your campaign by referring people to your BETA page and asking for their support.


Develop a clear launch strategy to build momentum in your campaign right from your start date. Ensure you have 20% of target funds ready to pledge in the first few days, as this will encourage other backers.

Prepare for a busy final week as you push towards your target.


If you watch our tutorials, read our guides and follow our training where you will learn everything you need to know
about launching an awesome new business and raising the funds you require.


Successful crowdfunding projects engage early and often with their audience to help generate pre-campaign buzz.

Using social media, email, mobile and verbal communication create and reach out to or create your ‘tribe’ to get them interested in your project.


If you chose Flexible Funding you will receive your funds even if you reach only 50% of your target. This allows you to receive some funds for the work you have put into your campaign.

Fees for Flexible Funding are 6% rather than the normal 5%.


It is vital to understand how important momentum is to a successful crowdfunding campaign. After a good pre-launch the first week of the campaign should see 30% of the target being reached and this provides the base to build on.

There is often a slowdown in the middle of the campaign before a surge of pledges during the last week.


Funds are pledged in return for a tangible reward which must be attractive and have clear value. It is often the reward that creates the interest.

Rewards should start at £10 for a shout out on social media then range between £20 and £300 with a limited number of special rewards at £500 or over.


Unlike many other crowdunding sites, we pride oureselves in providing one to one training and support throughout your campaign. This includes a suite of “How To” videos, cheat sheets and regular webinars.

We also hold live workshops in major cities around the world and networking events as part of our collaborative hub.

Your success is our success.


An awesome video is the most important part of the pitch. It should be no more than 3 minutes long and include details of the project, what the funds will be used for, the rewards on offer and a ‘pitch to cam’ where the funds are requested in support of the project.

The video doesn’t need to be professional but it must tell the story and attract backers to pledge funds.


No start-up costs, secure and global.

There are no upfront fees for running a campaign with a 5% fee when the project is successfully funded. The only additional charges are up to 2.8% for payment transactions which are charged by our 3rd party payment provider STRIPE.

If a campaign is unsuccessful then no fees are charged. Please note that initially funds are ‘pledged’ by the backer and are only taken if the campaign is successful.

Simple & Affordable.


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