How It Works


Everything starts with an idea but crowdfunding can bring your idea to life!

Do you have a creative or innovative product you want to share with the world?

Launching a new business or social cause but need funds for it?

If so you have come to the right crowdfunding platform!


Build an awesome crowdfunding pitch by sharing your story, your vision and your goals. We are here every step of the way – just follow our step by step guide.

All you have to focus on is sharing the passion that drives your journey throughout you campaign – and this is the stage where you plan all of it!


This is your prelaunch phase. You have to get the word out to your ‘tribe’ of friends, family and associates that you are launching a crowdfunding campaign. Take every opportunity to promote your campaign both online and offline!

Building up a good email list and connecting with potential backers on social media will be crucial even before the actual launch of your campaign.


Develop a clear launch strategy to build momentum in your campaign right from your start date. Ensure you have 20% of target funds ready to pledge in the first few days, as this will encourage other backers.

Prepare for a busy final week as you push towards your target.

And don’t stress. Our guides and tips will assist you all the way!



Your success is our success.

Unlike many other crowdfunding sites, we pride ourselves in providing one to one training and support throughout your campaign. This includes a suite of “How To” videos, cheat sheets and regular webinars.

We also offer a free 30 minute consultation for everyone who want a campaign on our platform!


You have a choice between two types of funding – Set/Flexible Funding.

With Set Funding you will receive your funds if you reach your funding target.
If you chose Flexible Funding you will receive your funds even if you reach only 50% of your target.

Note that fees for Flexible Funding are 6% rather than the normal 5%.


A vital part of creating a successful crowdfunding campaign is telling your story to the world. How your idea was born, the passion that drives you and what’s your plan with it – just like you’d tell a friend about it.

Share your story and craft a campaign that will get people excited about your idea!


An awesome video is an integral part of the pitch. Introduce yourself and your project - include captivating details, what the funds will be used for, the rewards on offer and a ‘pitch to cam’ where you request your audience to support you.

The video doesn’t need to be professional but it must tell your story and attract backers to pledge funds.


Successful crowdfunding projects engage early and often with their audience to help generate pre-campaign buzz.

Using social media, email, mobile and verbal communication create and reach out to or create your ‘tribe’ to get them interested in your project.


Funds are pledged in return for a rewards which must be attractive and have clear value. It is often the reward that creates the interest.

Rewards should start at £10 for a shout out on social media then range between £20 and £300 with a limited number of special rewards at £500 or over.


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