Top 20 Advanced Social-Media Tools

Get to grips with 20 of the handiest social media platforms for your business in 2016

Social media is an inescapable aspect of modern day life, in business and at home. And if expert predictions are anything to go by, 2016 will see social media use continue to increase exponentially, providing an ongoing platform to reach potential customers directly in their homes, workplace, or wherever else they happen to check their social media streams - and you can guarantee there are some odd places Facebook log-ins have taken place…

Here’s a look at 20 of the social media platforms marketing pros are recommending to harness this year, and how they could benefit your business. 

These tools range in costs and capabilities in order to appeal to both start-ups and fully-fledged corporations. Whatever your social media strategies for this year, you’re sure to find a tool below which can significantly aid your efforts:


Automation & Scheduling


Most businesses are using multiple social media streams to reach their ideal clients. And if you’re not using the right tools, posting to multiple different social media accounts can be time-consuming and tedious. Buffer allows you to create a posting schedule for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+, meaning you can queue up a load of content in one batch and save yourself considerable time.

Buffer’s ideal if you want someone else to create and upload your social media content. You can outsource where needed and then check everything’s to your liking before it goes live. With Buffer, you can publish exactly the same messages across all accounts or you can customise each to ensure the perfect context per platform.



Another scheduling tool, Bundlepost comes with more advanced options than many social media automation apps. A nice example is the tool’s common niche keyword replacement which swaps keywords for hashtags to dramatically increase your engagement.

You can schedule up to 100 social media posts at a time, which means you can set-up around 3-5 days of consistent content in one sitting. Another great time-saver.



Marketing automation is where every entrepreneur should be aiming when looking to reduce the costs and efforts of securing a lead, and who isn’t?! The platform finds social media users’ who have their interests matching criteria you set, making it possible to engage prospective customers who really are a good match.

Socedo’s goal, to shorten the timeline from social media prospect to a participant of your sales funnel!




With the need to create a consistent online brand, all businesses are having to think carefully about their aesthetic presentation online; this includes the visual appearance of their social media posts. If you want to stand out online, you need to be sharing content which is attractive and unique. Fortunately, you don’t need to be (or have) a professional graphic designer to produce beautiful social media posts when you’re just starting out. Canva makes it possible for everyone to create content that looks like it has been produced by a pro.

Think of it as an online, very-simplified Photoshop app which has been specifically developed for social media use (and with the templates to prove it).


Adobe Post 

In the same vein as Canva, Adobe Post is ready and waiting to help you create stunning social media imagery. The premise of it is that it enables you to add text to photos, but do so in such a way that it looks professionally designed. It’s another tool which proves you really don’t need a dedicated graphic designer to produce high-quality, eye-catching social media posts for your business.


Analytics & research


If you’re used to searching around online to uncover what people are saying about your business, enter Brand24. This tool delivers real-time info on what social media users are saying along with what is being said about your competition. This allows you to get an accurate gauge of the impact your making and whether it’s aligned with your brand! Plus, it helps you quickly and appropriately respond to both positive and negative feedback across your social media platforms, meaning you can stay engaged with your community with less fuss.



Do you wish you could organise the stories shared by your Twitter and Facebook connections? Well, Nuzzel makes it possible. Now you can aggregate the information you want into easy-to-read links and choose influencers who will help leverage your marketing more effectively. Being able to analyse and collect the stories shared by your friends of friends also helps build a better understanding of your target audience. 



To make social media use work for your business (and by this, we mean help boost your profits) you need to be keeping on top of your social media analytics. Yep, it’s about as tedious as it sounds. Thankfully tools like Cyfe make it easier for those who want an in-depth look at their social media performance without having to spend hours doing manual investigations and comparisons. 

Cyfe delivers a wealth of reports including SEO, Adwords, Google Analytics, and brand social media mentions – so you don’t need to do the legwork. It can also help with competitor research which turns data into insights you can actually use.


Social Clout

Another brilliant social analytics tool, Social Clout is designed to help you increase engagement and improve your campaigns and keyword usage. It can also produce reports on social media results and follower demographics on numerous platforms, meaning you can see which social media tools are working best for you right now. 



If you’re already monitoring what customers are saying about you online, now it’s time to keep an eye on what employees and partners are saying about you so you can reflect on what this is doing for your company. SecureMySocial provides real-time alerts which users violate a company policy and can even send a notification to them to let them know they’re in violation, so they have a chance to monitor their behaviour before the need for further action.



Help further shape social media content with insight from behind the scenes. Nuvi can tell you things you can’t currently see about Facebook conversations, including private posts. It’s a nifty monitoring platform that not everyone has cottoned onto yet.

If you like your data presented visually, you’ll enjoy the clear graphic representations of your data which Nuvi provides.


Follower Wonk

This app is solely for use with Twitter. Its core purpose is to help you find, analyse, and optimise your social media interactions on the Twitter platform. Follower Wonk allows you to round up deeper follower information and to optimise your tweets based on this data. 

Particularly useful is the ability to analyse the followers of 2-3 other Twitter users and see the crossover, and the option to sort your followers by criteria to uncover those who are most influential.



This tool enables business social media users to locate influencers who are likely to elevate their brand and bring in potential customers, who are an ideal match. It allows you to search for social media stars and bloggers who are interested in your industry so you can easily connect with them. Although getting them on board is still down to your own effective marketing techniques…


Social Media Management


Most businesses re-hash content for their users. Content which has been published and shared by others or content which comes from their own back catalogue – and there’s nothing wrong with that! Think about it. Not every follower is going to see every tweet you publish or Facebook post you make, so there’s nothing wrong with sending out the same content again. 

Edgar makes re-using old content really simple. You can categorise posts and easily track down things to re-post in the future. The tool describes itself as the social media queue that fills itself.



When you’re using social media for business the chances are you’re not going to want to use each platform individually. It simply takes too much time to be swapping between accounts manually and gathering feedback this. AgoraPulse is primarily for use with Twitter and Facebook for business and enhances the platforms by providing CRM software, reports, contest functionality and other apps which can boost social media interaction.



Keep on track of the content which matters most to you with Feedly, a single tool which allows you to save, organise, read and share articles and other content you know your social media followers will love.



If you want to bring all your social media management responsibilities to one place, try Sendible. It pulls all posts and comments into one handy dashboard where to can engage, analyse, and collaborate on all your social media platforms at once. Its main mission is to cut out all the time-wasting of social media so you can actually use it to drive business growth.

A tool like Sendible is ideal when you want to manage an across platform launch or marketing campaign, like if you want to raise funds through crowdfunding! 


Person App

You might have already created your ‘ideal customer avatar’ offline, but now there’s an app which lets you collaborate with other team members or clients to create a social media persona online. This tool allows you to carefully plan exactly who you are trying to reach with your online engagement so you have something to refer to when you’re analysing your results.

This is an especially handy tool if you outsource your social media management and want external workers to better understand your target market.



Openr is absolutely genius if you want to leverage using other people’s content online. Now instead of sharing posts from other publishers in an attempt to simply be authorities, you can maximise engagement by adding your own calls-to-action as an ‘Openr’ on other people’s content. It completely revolutionises the engagement achieved when sharing quality content that you didn’t produce yourself.



Think of Babbly as a content swapping service. Its purpose is to help quality content producers to get attention for their media and in turn help, businesses grow their social media followings. The simple way Babbly works goes like this: give a share and you get a share. In other words, you share content you like from the Babbly community and others will share your content in return. 

You can control when your content is available for sharing, and schedule posts too. Which means you can keep control over when articles potentially go viral and help support a campaign which will only span a set amount of time.


Social Media And Crowdfunding

Now you know more about which social media tools are worth climbing on the bandwagon for, let’s take a look at how using them can benefit your crowdfunding campaign – after all, that’s what we’re all about!

Frankly, the way you use social media in your business use will determine the success or failure of your crowdfunding campaign… so please don’t neglect the importance of using it to powerfully connect with those you want to know about your business and why you’re looking to raise funds.

An effective social media strategy will not only aid you in spreading the news of your campaign to those who need to hear about you but will make it as straight-forward as possible for curious potential buyers to click a link and invest. It’s profoundly more difficult to convert offline interest into online fundraisers so leading a user direct from their social media stream to your crowdfunding page is invaluable.

Remember, every little counts towards your funding goals, so your aim should be to spread the word to as many people as possible and tempt them to make a small payment… it all adds up!

Launch your crowdfunding campaign today and use the above tools to start promoting it and gaining funding. Plus, if you’ve got time, leave a quick comment and let us know which of these social media tools you’re already using and couldn’t live without!

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