How To Raise Money For Your Tabletop Game

Discover how other great game designers are using crowdfunding to skyrocket their business.

Being a gamer, I’m sure that it comes as no surprise that the tabletop gaming industry is booming!  In fact, the Market Research Group (NPD) have recorded a staggering 20% increase in the number of Table top games that were sold in the UK last year!

With a continuous year on year increase it’s no wonder that so many game designers are trying to get in on the act.  With the rise of the internet, social media and global communications, there has never been a better time in history for an individual to bring their dreams to life. 

However, as with most businesses there is never a lack of creative talent but there is a lack of money!

Having the funds to be able to create your game is essential if you want it to work. Unfortunately, there is no getting away from it - money makes the world go around.


Things That You Can Do:

  •  Come up with an amazing idea that you know other gamers will love to play!
  •  Design the game and all the pieces.
  •  Even start making a prototype version of the first draft. 

But if you want your game to become a raging success then at some point you will need the funds to bring your idea to life. 

So, the question is - “How Do I Raise The Finances?”

The rise of the internet has also given birth to several amazing technologies: Social Media, Forums, BitCoin and of course Crowdfunding. 

It is within these technologies that we can find the secret to raising more money than ever before!  Long gone are the days when you needed to beg and borrow from your parents or rack-up huge debts with the banks!

Now You Have Crowdfunding!

Gamers are raising more money through crowdfunding platforms than ANY of their other non-digital counterparts.  In fact, it has been so powerful that games such as ‘Dark Souls’ (video-to-board game adaptation), reached their funding target of £50,000 within three minutes of launching their campaign and ended up raising a whopping £4.2m!

The possibilities really are endless, but as with all things in life the longer the journey, the greater the reward. 

Raising the big bucks is not a two-second task; it takes time, effort and real commitment.  But if you are willing to sacrifice a little today, then your tomorrow could easily be what dreams are made of


If you want success, then you need to create success.  Follow these simple steps and you will be in the perfect position for raising the finances that you need.


It may sound like an obvious step, but you’ll be surprised at the amount of people who want the money first so that they can create an idea later!

You must have an idea for your board game, you must believe in your idea and you must believe that your idea will be of real value to your audience!

Without an inspiring idea in the first place you will lack the serious commitment that crowdfunding takes.  It is only with a strong competing vision and an overwhelming sense of purpose behind your vision, that you’ll have the drive and tenacity to achieve your goal. 

So many people WANT to be a success, but very few people ever make it and all too often it is because their idea was never exciting enough - it never inspired or motivated them to succeed. 

Ask yourself:

  •  Is my game a passion or a ‘flash in the pan’ idea?
  •  Am I committed to bringing my game to life?
  •  Do I believe that other people will enjoy playing my game?

Once you have the right level of commitment move onto step 2. 


The next step is to start bringing your idea to life.  You need to turn your idea into a pitch, so that other people can also get excited and be inspired by your big vision.

In the build phase, there are three crucial elements: Your Pitch, Your Rewards and Your Video.  Each one is just as important as the other.  Let’s break these down.

Your pitch is a description of your game.  The pitch lets the reader know exactly WHAT your idea is, WHO you are and WHY it means so much to you.  But more importantly, HOW it will benefit the reader!

After all, the reader will be the person who will decide whether to back you or not.  Therefore, think of your game in terms of end benefits.  What will the player gain from playing this?

  •  Hours of fun
  •  Challenged in strategic thinking
  •  Closer connection with their family or friends
  •  A feeling of being transported into another world

 and so on.

Your pitch should also include WHY you need the money and WHAT you plan on spending the money on.  The more detailed you can be, the more it will show the reader that you have really thought about your project and it is not just another pipe dream that has no real chance of success.

You video is basically an oral version of your pitch.  However, your audience is 78% more likely to back you, IF you can engage with them through your video. 

Your audience wants to see that there is a real person behind your project.  The more you can emotionally connect with the viewer, the greater chance you have of receiving their backing, so don’t be afraid to share your story (WHY this means so much to you), as well as the vision that you have for your game. 

A Few Tips:

  •  Be Personable 
  •  Be Enthusiastic 
  •  Demonstrate your idea
  •  Show that you are grateful for their support.

Finally, what rewards can you offer your audience that are of high value to them, yet are low cost to you to produce and ship?

If you get your rewards right, then you’ll have no trouble raising your funds.  Think of your rewards as alternative shopping - what can you offer your reader that they would normally purchase but for a lower cost?

You also want to structure your rewards so that you have both a low and a high point of entry.  The vast majority will only back your low entry level rewards, but if you can get a couple of readers to back your high entry level rewards you could soon see yourself hitting your target. 

For example:
If you have a £1000 target.  

  • You will need 100 backers to support your £10 reward. 
  • But you will only need 2 backers supporting your £500 reward to reach your target!

Here are some reward ideas:

  •  Free Playing Cards
  •  Early release of the game
  •  Join your online community
  •  Get a mention on your website
  •  Have their name listed on the game 
  •  Join the VIP launch party

 and so on. 

Think outside of the box and be as creative as you can. 




Now that you have your perfect pitch ready to go, next comes the exciting part! Shouting it out to the world. 

Once your project is uploaded to the website make sure you set a ‘Coming Soon’ date.  I would recommend a fourteen-day pre-launch as this should be enough time for you to shout out to your audience, but also a short enough time frame to keep them engaged (you don’t want to become an instant annoyance). 

In the shout phase, you need to engage with your audience.  Your job here is to share your passion and enthusiasm for your game, and encourage them to become early adopters and supporters of your project on launch day!  The more money you can raise on launch, the greater your chances of overall success. 

By sharing your project, asking your audience to be a part of your journey and to support your dream, can be enough to create instant momentum from day one.  At this stage, you are not asking anyone to make a pledge or back your project -  instead you are asking them to support your project: View it, Follow it, Share it, Comment on it, Feedback on it and so on. 


  •  Close Friends
  •  Family
  •  Members of the gaming community
  •  Other game designers
  •  Game Bloggers
  •  Gaming YouTube stars etc.

The more excited you are, the more excited they will be.  So build as much excitement as you can!



Finally, we are ready to Launch!  The big day is here and hopefully you already have a lot of interest from the past fourteen days of creating excitement!

The launch phase is where you need to become a marketing expert.  You need to leverage social media, networking, direct sales and PR.  The more exposure you have with your target audience, the more funds you will raise. 

It’s at this stage, within phase 4, where success is achieved!  So here are a few quick win strategies to help you get started with Facebook!

 - Send personal messages to everyone that you believe will have an interest in your game.  Reach out to your friends and family, but also to people within the gaming community that you may not even know yet.  Make the message personal and let the recipient know that this game will be of high interest to them, informing them of WHY they should support you. 

 - Write a post that encourages your audience to like, comment and share your page.  Express how their support will mean so much to you and how by doing so they will help your game become a reality.  People are more likely to help when they feel that they are a part of something.  Nothing creates commitment like involvement.

 - Go Live: Facebook live streaming is a great way of getting your message out there to your audience, so go live as often as you can.  In each live stream, talk about different aspects of the game, but always focus on the end benefit to the viewer and give them a reason to support you!

 - Boost Your Posts: If you feel that one of your posts is creating real engagement with your audience, then don’t be afraid to boost your post so that it reaches a wider audience that you wouldn’t normally have access too.



If you want great success, then you must put in a bit of work.  Crowdfunding is certainly not the answer for everyone, but for those of you who have a real desire to bring your game to the masses, then it will be the best method for you to raise the capital that you need. 

Plan your pitch first; then when you’re ready to make your table top game a reality, contact LEOcrowd ( and we’ll help you to become our next fully funded project. 

Your success is our success!

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