Revolutionising The Crowd

At LEOcrowd we are revolutionising the world of crowdfunding, harnessing the power of the crowd to mitigate some of the world’s greatest challenges. Our crowd are building businesses that put people and planet first, and embodying the concept of entrepreneurial spirit in everything we do.

We are creating a future focussed model that derives its resources from the changemakers and the new thought-leaders. They are paving the way in developing and funding socially impactful and sustainable projects that will delight, entertain and impact the world in positive ways.

Crowdfunding For Changemakers

Our Community

We aren't just Changemakers, we are the Game Changers and Thought Leaders who make conscious business, our business. This is a community of bright-eyed, bushy tailed entrepreneurs who are out to change the world, impact the environment and people's lives in positive ways, and be the change the world so desperately needs.

This isn’t just about raising money for good causes, this is about bringing the worlds of conscious business, sustainability and innovation together to produce products, services and businesses that are engaging, creative, problem-solving and exciting.

To help creative minds realize their envisioned ideas by achieving the required funds thereby 'Setting their entrepreneurial spirit free'

Who We Are

LEARN – EARN – OWN. The LEO mantra stands strong within our DNA and we have created a platform that truly embodies this message. LEOcrowd are not only providing the necessary means to fund world-changing projects and build tribes of changemakers; we are educating our tribe in building ethical, conscious businesses. Education is at the core of who we are, and our courses cover everything from running successful crowdfunding campaigns, to creating sustainable supply chains and understanding Tribal Leadership.


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